Wally – Your Money Is Under Control


App Category: Finance

Available Platforms: App Store, Google Play

Customer Reviews: 4.5 / 5 Stars

Positive Comments: Generally, customers are very happy with the application. They find the app very simple and helpful to track their financials.

Negative Comments: Very few compatibility and data backup issues have been mentioned but not really much.

Wally App Personal Finance Manager

Modirates Comments About The App:

Creating a personal finance management app is a really hard work. I mean, there are too many details you need to think about and at the end of the day, you can find yourself lost while thinking all these details. I believe that, most of the personal finance or budgeting applications are having the similar problem. The end product is usually very complicated and as a result, most of them have terrible user experience.

As it is a big problem to integrate the real financial data, these apps needs to be really simple and easy to use to make people enter their daily spendings. This is exactly what Wally is offering.

Wally is focusing on the simplest need, “Tracking the Spendings”. This is the basic need of the user to see how much money is being spent on what at the end of each month. This is so simple on Wally and that is making this app really great!

Wally is a must have application for everyone. This is one of the greatest apps which is developed in UAE so we need to be proud of this application. I personally wish that, wally reaches more people all around the world and gets the place where it is truly deserving.

Congrats to Wally team, as modirates.com, we agree with the customers and rating the app 4.5 / 5 stars

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