UAE Users Are Adopted Well On Digital (Statistics)

UAE Digital Usage Statistics

Statistics show that UAE users are adopted well on digital services and devices. UAE is not only far front of other Middle East countries and but also competing the world’s most advance countries in terms of digital usage according to TNS’s Connected Life Study.

As, we summarized some of the statistics for you to show where we are standing as UAE in the Digital World:

  • The average adults in the UAE owns at least four devices — smartphone, tablet, PC or laptop
  • UAE people already adopted using personal health services, connecting the car or home to other devices or the internet, using a 3D printer, and even using wearable technology, such as a smart watches and wristbands
  • The social media usage per day is reaching up to 5 hours, 3.3 hours in average.
  • Men use more devices and services than women in the UAE
  • 96% the UAE residents have a social media account and 67% are using it on a daily basis
  • Facebook and Youtube are the top social media platforms, while Whats App has the highest growth rate.
  • 93% of UAE residents have Facebook accounts and the monthly active users are 53%, followed by Google+ at 73% penetration rate and 27% monthly active users, Twitter at 64% penetration rate and 27% monthly active users, LinkedIn at 49% penetration rate and 22% monthly active users and Instagram at 26% and 10% monthly active users (According to DU)

We believe that the numbers are promising but there is one important issue in the UAE. The ownership and the active usage rates shows that, although the penetration is high, the adaptation is not the same in the UAE. The gap is even bigger for the local services like mobile banking, m-goverment and e/m-commerce services. The reason is the lack of quality for the services compared to the others in the world. As UAE, if we want to convert penetration into adaptation more, we need to focus on the quality of the services more, otherwise, global players will get more share from the pie and this is a real threat for the local services in the country.

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