UAE Reached 80% Penetration In Social Media Usage

UAE Social Media Penetration

UAE reached 80% penetration in social media usage and have the highest social penetration rate in the world according to Fahad Al Hassawi, chief commercial officer at Du. According to Al Hassawi, this number is only 24% in Middle East and an average user is spending 3.3 hours daily on social media in the UAE. After the UAE, Singapore comes next at 59 per cent while Australia and UK have 57 per cent penetration rates each. Al Hassawi also said that 96 per cent of the UAE residents have a social media account and 67 per cent are using it on a daily basis.

These great numbers are also making the Telecom operators to provide special packages to their customers, who want to access social networks more through their mobiles. This is why, Du recently announced the free data package plans for social media users on pre-paid plans. They are also planning the same for the post paid users and working on the new post paid SIM to enable this.

As, we believe that data will be focus of Telecom Operators in the upcoming years as currently, instant messaging already took over the SMS and voice communication is also under threat because of VoIP (Voice over IP) services. With iOS 8 and new iPad Air 2, Apple already showed their plans about the SIM-less world and other players like Samsung seems to be interested on the same as well. Currently, TRA is controlling this for Telcos and for sure, this will not become a reality for the UAE for the near future but Telecom Operators needs to be prepared for this change to protect their business. They need to get more customers on board in terms of Data usage so this move is very important milestone for the UAE. This is also bringing great opportunities for other companies to be involved in partnerships with the Telecom operators to push their mobile offerings.

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