Emirates NBD Mobile Banking App Won 2 International Awards


For us, there are 4 high level criteria which makes you understand a good mobile banking service: User Experience / User Interface, Functionality, Innovation and Availability.

As I mentioned above, these are high level criteria and there are many details under each one. But this is in general giving you an idea to say that if it is worth to talk about the service or not.

Emirates NBD, as the biggest bank in UAE, has been offering its mobile banking services for many years. They have a Mobile Banking application  working on different platforms, containing various services and serving to a huge customer base.

This year, they have won 2 international awards with Emirates NBD Mobile Banking application, which are highly prestigious in the sector. They have won the 2014 Global Finance Best Online / Mobile Banking Category and the 2014 Banking Technology Best Mobile Banking Awards in the same year. This is the first time in the region that a Digital Banking Service is winning multiple international awards.

Emirates NBD Shake n Save

First of all, congratulations to Emirates NBD. This is very important to turn the eyes to the region and make the international audience to recognize the digital services in UAE. I believe that this will be followed by the other institutions and more international awards will come to UAE in digital services.

Let’s look at our high level criteria briefly to see if Emirates NBD Mobile Banking App is deserving the Awards or not.

User Experience / User Interface:

Emirates NBD Mobile Banking App has a clean user experience in terms of processes. As it is seen on the customer reviews, the customers like using the application and find it very easy to use. This shows that the app doesn’t have any problems with the User Experience Part. However, when it comes to User Interface, the app seems to have an old design, which was being used 2-3 years before. They need to enhance this part quickly, in order to be one of the most beautiful apps globally. According to us, Emirates NBD Mobile Banking App is deserving 50% of the applauds in terms of this criteria.


Emirates NBD has various of options when it comes to functionality. They are nearly enabling all the possible transfer, payment and any other digital services which are available on their online banking. Not only that, but also they are offering specific functionalities from their mobile app, which are exclusive to their mobile banking customers. In terms of functionality, this app is above the world’s average so it is well deserving the credits in terms of this criteria.


For us, there are 2 banks in UAE, which are doing really well in terms of innovation, Emirates NBD and Mashreq. Emirates NBD with their mobile banking are offering innovative solutions like Shake n’ Save, which is an impulse saving product that enables customers to enjoy saving by shaking their device, and Emirates NBD mePay, which is the P2P money transfer service that enables customers to transfer funds to a mobile number in their contact list. In terms of innovation, Emirates NBD is deserving the credits according to our evaluation.


Emirates NBD Mobile Banking Application is available through 4 platforms, iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone. Today, iPhone, iPad, Android phone users, both Blackberry and BB10 users as well as the Windows Phone lovers can enjoy the same service from their devices with similar experience.

In conclusion, our high level criteria show that, yes Emirates NBD is deserving all the Awards they won this year. The app is a good example for the other financial institutions and also for any other company who want to serve on mobile to the people of UAE.

The Entertainer App – Your Coupons Are Now On Your Mobile


App Category: Lifestyle

Available Platforms: App Store, Google Play

Customer Reviews: 4.5 / 5 Stars

Positive Comments: Customers are happy to carry their deals on their mobile. They think the app is a great value for couples!

Negative Comments: Actually, we didn’t notice any negative comments.

The Entertainer App

Modirates Comments About The App: 

For us, The Entertainer is one of the World’s best deals program, which is available nearly in every corner in the UAE. One year ago, it was a thick booklet, containing all the coupons in various places from cafe shops to restaurant and hotels, but now, it is on mobile so you don’t have to carry your booklet with you, or no excuses to say “I forgot my coupons at home”.

There are various packages in the Entertainer App. You can buy one of the packages through the app and start enjoying your coupons immediately. As we mentioned, nearly every cafe shops, restaurants, hotels and many other places are accepting entertainer coupons, most of them have buy one, get one free options.

You simply have your meal with your friend or your wife and when it comes to check out, just mention that you want to use your Entertainer coupon. You open the Entertainer app on your mobile, select the restaurant, enter your PIN to redeem your coupon and that is it.

We strongly suggest the Entertainer App for anyone living in UAE. You will definitely like it! We are agreeing with the customer reviews and rating the app 4.5 / 5 Stars

Best Apps of 2014 for UAE App Store Has Been Announced

UAE App Store Best Apps 2014

Apple has announced the best apps of 2014 for the App Store.

Best Apps 2014 UAE App Store

Globally, best application award went to Replay Video Editor this year while Threes! got the best game award of 2014.

For the UAE App store, there are many global apps selected in the Best Apps category, including Hyperlapse from Instagram, Swift Keyboard, Cleartrip, IFTTT and 24me Smart Personal Assistant.

We can proudly say that, there are also local apps, which are highlighted in this category. Nabd News, the well designed news application (in Arabic) is the first one that we see in the Best Apps List.  The app is really deserving this with its well generated content and beautiful UI & UX features.

When someone in UAE is talking about e-commerce, the first words will definitely be Souq.com. The e-commerce giants has a good app which also pushes great deals for the customers. The app has a clean user interface with well design shopping experience.

Zomato is another app that you need to have in your app if you live in UAE. Zomato team is doing a great job to give us options to find and discover the places to eat. They are doing partnerships with local companies like Emirates NBD, which is the largest Bank in the country, to provide more services for the users of the application. Zomato is another well designed app with unique features and clearly deserving a place in the Best Apps category.

You can check and find the more great apps on the UAE App Store.

Talabat.com App – Order Food Online


App Category: Food & Drink

Available Platforms: App Store, Google Play

Customer Reviews: 5 / 5 Stars

Positive Comments: Customers like the new design and the easy steps to order food quickly.

Negative Comments: They complain when sometimes they can not find the restaurant they want.

Talabat App

Modirates.com Comments About Talbot.com App:

Similar to foodonclick.com , talabat.com is making online ordering simple for us through mobile. It is really hard to compare Talbot and Foodonclick in terms of the capabilities. Both are making customers to save time and decide easily when you want to place an order.

talabat.com App has a clean design, easy to use order steps and various options in the application. The only thing they need to improve is the customer service and the number of restaurants in the application.

In summary, this is another app which we use daily so we like using talabat.com app on mobile. The design and the user experience, as well as the services is well designed. We are agreeing with the customers high ratings in reviews and giving 4.5/5 stars.

Foodonclick App – Order Food Online In UAE


App Category: Food & Drink

Available Platforms: App Store, Google Play

Customer Reviews: 4.5 / 5 Stars

Positive Comments: Customers like the new design and the easy steps to order food quickly.

Negative Comments: They complain when sometimes they can not find the restaurant they want.


Modirates.com Comments About Foodonclick.com App: 

Turkish e-commerce giants yemeksepeti.com has been serving successfully for several years. Their initiative for the Middle East is called Foodonclick and simply, it is the best ordering service in the World.

Foodonclick is making you to save time or decide easily when you are hungry. It is so simple to use and giving you idea about the restaurant even you haven’t heard their names before. But more importantly, the service that they are providing to secure your order and your relationship between you and the restaurant is so great! This means, in case you have an issue with your order, Foodonclick is solving it immediately by protecting your rights as much as possible.

This is one of the apps we use daily so we love foodonclick.com app on mobile. The design and the user experience, as well as the services is perfectly designed. They still need to improve the number of the restaurants and we are also waiting to have some special services as Yemeksepeti has in Turkey in the near future. We are agreeing with the customer reviews and giving 4.5/5 stars.

The Emirates App- Well Designed Travel Application


App Category: Travel

Available Platforms: App Store

Customer Reviews: 4.5 / 5 Stars

Positive Comments: Customers like the design and the user experience of the app as well as the services provided.

Negative Comments: They complain about not having the Arabic Support and compatibility issues especially with iPhone 5 and below. Also there is no Android version yet.

The Emirates App.001

Modirates.com Comments About The Emirates App:

Emirates App has one of the most beautiful apps in the App Store with the latest design features and user experience which contains integration with Passbook. For us, this is how it should be if the app is representing a company like Emirates Airlines. But if we are talking about the Gulf region, it is very hard to find such kind of well designed apps.

We have used the app several times during our flights. There are still some important issues in terms of the services and connections with the back office systems. For example, the app is not bringing our flights automatically when we login with our Skywards membership. Also we had a problem about one of our connected flights. The flight was there on the mobile app but in the airport, the representatives were not able to see the flight. We strongly recommend Emirates people to take a look at the Turkish Airlines App as an example to improve their services on the app.

We believe that these kind of problems will be solved soon. We are giving 4/5 stars to this app and we recommend for everyone who are planning to travel with one of the best airlines in the world.

RTA Dubai App – Everything About Transportation In Dubai

RTA Dubai App

App Category: Utilities

Available Platforms: App Store, Google Play, Blackberry World, Windows Store

Customer Reviews: 3.5 / 5 Stars

Positive Comments: Customers like the design and the number of services in the app.

Negative Comments: They complain about compatibility issues with different type of devices.

RTA Dubai App.001

Modirates.com Comments About The RTA Dubai App:

We love RTA! If you are looking something smart in the UAE, your first adress should be RTA with their various smart services.

Their vision and direction is right. Although for their business, defining the right strategy should not be the issue, we can give several examples all around the world, where Roads and Transportation Authorities are not doing anything in terms of digital. In this point of view, RTA is setting the global standards we can say.

Giving all these positive points to RTA, we should mention that there are still lots of things they should do with their services. But when we consider how they developed and enhanced their services in the past one year only, we are positive for their future.

The app is useful, not only for Dubai residents, but also for people who are visiting Dubai even for a short holiday.

We will give the same rating with the customers as 3.5/5 stars in general in our reviews. But as we mentioned above, we are expecting to give them more in the near future.

Du App – Is It Really A Telco Application?

Du Mobile app

App Category: Lifestyle

Available Platforms: App Store, Google Play

Customer Reviews: 2 / 5 Stars

Positive Comments: Actually, we couldn’t find any positive comments form the real customers. All positive comments come from the Du staffs as it seems.

Negative Comments: Customers are complaining about the outdated look and feel of the app. Also most of the customers are complaining about performance issues, saying that the app is not working properly.

Du App.001

Modirates.com Comments about the Du App: 

Du App is a hybrid application which contains fully web based pages for each section it has.

As Modirates team, we don’t like these kind of apps, as they have huge user experience and performance issues.

If you are a Telco and have the half of a country as customer base and producing mobile services, you should be careful about what you are launching on mobile.

This app got 2/5 stars in general from our review. We think, Du customers do not loose anything if they don’t install this app to their mobile device.

Etisalat UAE App – A Must Have App For Etisalat Customers

etisalat mobile app

App Category: Productivity

Available Platforms: App Store, Google Play, Blackberry World, Windows Store

Customer Reviews: 3,5 / 5 Stars

Positive Comments: Customers enjoy controlling their Etisalat accounts from their mobile, see the details track their usage.

Negative Comments: The app is not working well especially while making bill payments.

Modirates.com Comments on the App

Emirates UAE mobile application is good application in terms of functionality. It gives the customers the ability to track every information about the accounts, especially data package usage and billing information.

Although, the app is easy to use, the User Interface is not well designed, we can say sloppy, even. If you are a Telco Giant and you are focused on mobile, all the apps needs to be designed with the best in class design agencies to catch the world standards. We strongly suggest Etisalat people to take into Turkey’s Turkcell for their mobile applications.

Not only the design, but also the services behind the functionalities are not working well, yet. For example, I have a 10GB data package and in the offers section, Etisalat is offering me 5GB data package for a less price. This is shooting your self from your foot and showing that their CRM system is not working well.

In general, our rating is 3/5 Stars for Etisalat App and we recommend the app for the Etisalat customers.

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