Mobile World Congress 2015 Recap

We left a great show behind this year in Barcelona. Mobile World Congress once again proved that, it is the most important event about mobile where you find the latest products and the future trends about mobile space.

Of course, for most of the consumers, launch of Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge or HTC One M9 was the most important headlines from the show. But we believe that, there were more important products and services launched or showcased this year in the show.

For a quick summary:

  • Every year, we see less smart phones & Tablets in mwC. This year, samsung launched galaxy s6 and s6 edge, while htc announced HTC One m9 but the most interesting devices in this segment were Jolla tablet, black phone 2 and Lenovo Yoga tablet.
  • On the other hand, we see more wearables & Hearables, VR Head sets in the show this year. the important detail was, fashion brands were showcasing this year with their designs and partnerships with tech companies.
  • In payments area, Samsung Pay was the biggest announcement. Google announced their new platform Android Pay and Paypal announced the acquisition of paydiant. All send a clear message to Apple: “you are not alone in this space”
  • Smart cars, bicycles are announced as the connected smart solutions and underlined the importance of the connected ecosystem and internet of things.
  • Robots & emotional interfaces seems to be the new trend in product and service design.

We prepared a presentation for you as recap for Mobile World Congress 2015. Hope you enjoy it.


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