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Welcome to Modirates.com!

“MODIRATES” means “Mobile & Digital Services In Emirates”. As you can understand from our name, we are focused on publishing posts related to Mobile and Digital services in UAE. According to us, it is very important to have a source to see all the digital services in a country like UAE, where we are living with innovation in every single day.

In Modirates.com, we are publishing the latest news related to digital services  in all sectors. The smart country vision is encouraging all the people in this country to develop new online and mobile services. We are also looking out side the UAE also for the latest development all around the world, which can be a role model for the UAE also.

All the posts we published here also contains our comments about each service. Our authors are professionals working in various companies who are producing digital services for the UAE. We believe that this increase the power of the content we create in this blog.

We would be very happy if you join us with your comments under each post you read. Also please contact with us through our “CONTACTS” page for any inquiries you have.

We hope you enjoy what you see in Modirates.com!


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