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Mobile World Congress 2015 Recap

We left a great show behind this year in Barcelona. Mobile World Congress once again proved that, it is the most important event about mobile where you find the latest products and the future trends about mobile space.

Of course, for most of the consumers, launch of Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge or HTC One M9 was the most important headlines from the show. But we believe that, there were more important products and services launched or showcased this year in the show.

For a quick summary:

  • Every year, we see less smart phones & Tablets in mwC. This year, samsung launched galaxy s6 and s6 edge, while htc announced HTC One m9 but the most interesting devices in this segment were Jolla tablet, black phone 2 and Lenovo Yoga tablet.
  • On the other hand, we see more wearables & Hearables, VR Head sets in the show this year. the important detail was, fashion brands were showcasing this year with their designs and partnerships with tech companies.
  • In payments area, Samsung Pay was the biggest announcement. Google announced their new platform Android Pay and Paypal announced the acquisition of paydiant. All send a clear message to Apple: “you are not alone in this space”
  • Smart cars, bicycles are announced as the connected smart solutions and underlined the importance of the connected ecosystem and internet of things.
  • Robots & emotional interfaces seems to be the new trend in product and service design.

We prepared a presentation for you as recap for Mobile World Congress 2015. Hope you enjoy it.




Uber is expanding its business from car service for individual transportation to cargo business.

One of the most successful startups of the previous year, US based company, Uber seems to have paid attention to the discussions on the company’s potential on global logistics business. They have recently introduced UberCARGO on the company’s blog. With this service, both individuals and business owners can manage their deliveries by just calling a delivery car and proving the address details of the recipient.

The service is first launched in Hong Kong for beta users. Today Uber’s car service operates in 200 cities and it would be no surprise if the new cargo business takes up the world very soon.

Would You Like To Experience The Apple Watch Before Having It?

Pipes Apple Watch Demo

If you would like to experience the Apple Watch before having it, we have good news for you. Pipes has created an interactive web page to show how Apple Watch is working.

On the web site, you can see Apple Watch in the center of the screen with many different applications installed on it, like Shazam, Instagram, Maps, Apple Healthcare Apps and more. By tapping on each icon, you can see how the applications are working on the Apple Watch with their real interfaces.

It is a great presentation for the product as it is not only showing how the apps are working, it is also letting the customers to experience how the navigation and user experience is happening on the device.

Apple Watch is expected to be in the market in March, starting from $349 in US.

Hotel My Phone: Share Mobile Devices Like Sharing Your Apartment On Airbnb

Hotel My Phone

If you are following, you know how we believe in crowd economy or sharing economy and all the services related to that model. Hotel My Phone is working on the same principle as many other sharing economy model. With Hotel my Phone, sharing mobile devices is now possible like sharing your apartment on Airbnb.

Hotel My Phone is an application, which is useful when your phone is not with you. Yes, there is nothing wrong with that sentence as it is exactly describing the benefit of the service. If you forget your phone at home or lost it or your phone is out of battery, you just ask your friends to barrow you their phones, which also have Hotel my Phone application. For the first time when you use the app, it is saving your information on its servers and once you log in the app from another device, you can use that device as your own mobile to make phone calls or send SMSs. But don’t forget, you need to pay to activate these services.

As we said in the beginning, crowd or sharing economy is creating great opportunities for everyone. We believe that we will see more initiatives in 2015 as we mentioned this as one of the biggest trends of the year.

12 Important Statistics That You Need To Know For Your Facebook Campaigns

Facebook announced 12 important statistics that you need to know for your Facebook Campaigns. The numbers are related to video and photo sharing. (Are you surprised about that? We hope you are not while Instagram is shining among all the other social media platforms)


According to Cisco, mobile video traffic will increase 1,400% from 2013 to 2018 and will be 69% of all mobile data consumption all around the world. While the data connectivity quality and speed increasing, the prices are also going down and Telecom Operators are offering great deals by bundling the latest devices with data packages. As a result, we all posting, sharing and “Like”ing more videos on social platforms.

According to Facebook:

  • In the last 2 years, video watching increased by 532% on mobile devices through Facebook
  • Video sharing increased by 75% all around the World, while this number is 934% in US
  • Number of videos shared on news source (both by individuals and companies) increased 360% yearly.
  • Everyday, 300 million people is sharing 79 million photos&videos on Instagram
  • Everyday, 350 million photos are being uploaded on Facebook
  • 65% of Facebook videos are being watched through mobile devices world wide.
  • In the past 1 year, number of videos shared on the news feed on Facebook has been increased by 360%.
  • Since July,2014, everyday 1 billion videos have been watched on Facebook, daily. This means, everyday visitors to Facebook is watching at least 1 video everyday!
  • US Adults are spending 20% of their time on Mobile by visiting Facebook and Instagram
  • 76% of US Facebook users are claiming that they are tend discover new videos on Facebook.
  • 20% of Facebook users are sharing the videos they watch on Mobile
  • Woman watch more video than man on Facebook.

Great numbers, aren’t they? But what does it mean for your business? Facebook also make suggestions for you to take the attention of the audience.

  • Present a huge creativity through your videos
  • Try to create short videos, but if you believe that you have a good story, than go for a longer video as long videos with good stories make a greater impact.
  • Your videos should be followed both with sound turned on and while turned off. If needed, use subtitles.
  • Focus on your campaign target, try to reach all range of devices by using photo or video.

As, we want to underline that, there is a huge opportunity in the Gulf Region for agencies, who focus on Video technologies. These companies should take the opportunity to create great videos for companies, who want to increase their presence in social media. Currently, lack of creative agencies on video marketing in the Gulf region is resulting as high costs and long waiting times for companies, who wants to have more presence in social media.

Protect Yourself From Mobile Frauds, Especially If You Are An Android User

Mobile devices are now under attack more than ever, thanks (!) to un-protected Android Ecosystem. The Hackers are targeting Android users by developing applications which steal customer data. The last news came from South Korea where the hackers developed a fake application about the famous “Interview” movie to steal user’s mobile banking credentials. There are more than 20,000 devices compromised so far with this attack but we don’t know the amount of fraud as it’s not disclosed yet.

UAE is also under attack know as far as we know from various sources. Hackers are targeting the Android device owners in the UAE market to get customer credentials and forward SMS Authentication codes to authorize transactions. To protect yourself from these kind of threats, please read the list below.

1) Don’t download Apps from unknown sources


Hackers will send you links to download any application directly by clicking on it. When you click on the link, it tells you to enable unknown sources for installations. Simply, never do this! Google Play Store should be your only source to download any application for Android devices. It never asks you to enable unknown sources when you try to install an app from Google Play Store.

2) Be sure you are downloading the right app

Not like App Store, Google Play is not checking the apps for customers, as it is an open source, free platform for developers. This means, you need to take care of your self and take the responsibility for the apps you are installing from Google Play. So be sure that you are downloading the right application by checking the app page on app store.

For example, check the Emirates NBD Mobile Banking Application page below. You can understand from the reviews section and also from the Additional Information Part that this app is the bank’s official application.

Emirates NBD Mobile Banking on Google Play

3) Don’t Share Any Personal Information On The App

Don’t forget, banks never ask personal information through their mobile apps as they already have it. While signing your agreement with the bank, they are already collecting the most of the information they need from you. If they need more information, most probably, they will be asking you to visit a branch or do it through ATMs by using your debit card. So don’t share any personal information like card number, password, mobile number through the applications which you don’t trust.

Mobile Payment 2015 (Infographic)

2015 will be the year of Mobile Payments in the UAE. National wallet project is going on (read our related article here) while telecom operators are launching partnerships (read our related article here) in parallel. Not only that, many banks are working on different services on the wallet space and other big companies investing on independent wallets (See our article about Beam Wallet here)

While a lot of thing happening in the UAE market, we wanted to share what is going on in the world in terms of Mobile Payments and what is expected in the near future. and Cellum shared the below infographic about the latest stats in mobile payments area.


What Does Crowd Economy Mean For UAE

Crowd economy

On digital of things, everybody is asking the same question: What is next?

There are different trends (we also shared some of them with you here and here) but when and how they will effect our market is still the biggest question.

As, we believe that, one of the most important trends for the UAE market will be crowd economy. We will describe why it is important but first of all, let’s take a look, what does crowd economy (it is also called as shared / collaborative economy) means:

“The sharing economy (sometimes also referred to as the peer-to-peer economy, mesh, collaborative economy, collaborative consumption) is a socio-economic system built around the sharing of human and physical resources. It includes the shared creation, production, distribution, trade and consumption of goods and services by different people and organizations. These systems take a variety of forms, often leveraging information technology to empower individuals, corporations, non-profits and government with information that enables distribution, sharing and reuse of excess capacity in goods and services. A common premise is that when information about goods is shared, the value of those goods may increase, for the business, for individuals, and for the community.” (Wikipedia)

As you can understand from the above definition, crowd economy is all about sharing services. Sharing things is not something new for human being. We started sharing thoughts first, than we shared food, we shared life and everything we had basically. Today, it is much more easier to share things, thanks to the digital world! Previously, we were sharing things with people around us, now our borders widened, we can reach any people all around the world and this means, we can share more.

For companies, this is bringing a huge opportunity. 2014 was the year for the ones, who took this opportunity really well like Uber, Airbnb and even the Dubai based company Carpool. All these examples showed that, the platforms, which are creating the crowd economy are growing faster than any other business.

When it comes to UAE market, this opportunity is even higher. Most of the companies in the UAE are just moving to Digital and still have a lot to do to achieve world class standards. If they choose the way to move traditionally about creating their space in the digital world, which means investing individually to create all the services from scratch, this will take a huge time for them to catch the digital train. But, if they focus on their core business and share them with more specific digital services, they will benefit more in a shorter time period. Not only time, but also from the cost perspective, this will reduce the costs, especially in terms of initial investment costs.

This means collaboration of companies. For example, API sharing is becoming more important everyday. Big companies, who has the power but not enough flexibility to move faster should focus on creating the open APIs to serve their core services. Small companies, like tech startups, who are less powerful but more flexible will be able to take these APIs and focus on user experience. With this collaboration, it is an absolute win-win model for both sides and even for the end users.

More important, this can be implemented in all sectors, not only for specific ones. Today, especially in US, there are many examples working perfectly in health sector, cities (governmental areas), financial sector, tourism, transportation and more.

Watch the video below to see how crowd economy evolved just under 1 year and what is expected in 2015.


Apple Pay Is Coming To UK In The First Half of 2015

Apple Pay coming to UK in 2015

The news on The Telegraph says that, major banks of UK are close to an agreement with Apple to bring the Apple Pay service to the country in the first half of 2015.

UK banks seems to be impressed by the early results of Apple Pay in the US, after the service achieved great numbers compared to any other mobile wallets so far. However, the banks are concerned about the customer information which Apple is collecting through the Apple Pay service.

“Negotiations between the Silicon Valley giant and at least one of the biggest banks have proved tricky, however, because of wrangling over the terms, including what data Apple will be able to access, according to sources.
It is understood the bank is uncomfortable with the amount of personal and financial information Apple wants to collect about its customers. Some executives fear Apple Pay and the data it delivers to Apple could serve as a beachhead for an invasion of the banking industry.”

Early in December, Apple Pay was on the headlines in UK financial industry news, after the Cupertino company posted a job listing for a “Apple Pay Intern” in the UK. Now, it is clear that Apple Pay is becoming a reality for Europe and this will start from UK.

As, we believe that, this will speed up the process to bring up Apple Pay to the UAE also. UAE should definitely be the first country in Middle East to allow Apple Pay transactions and we hope it will be easier to convince the UAE Banks to be ready for Apple Pay after their British colleagues implement it in the UK.

Plan Your Conference Agenda for 2015

Potsdamer Konferenz, Konferenztisch

If you are a professional, an entrepreneur or an investor, you should spend some of your time in international conferences during the entire year. But it is always hard to find a complete list of events all together to choose the best events to schedule and plan your or your team’s year with conferences.

Turkish popular internet site Webrazzi has published a list of conferences and events for 2015. The list includes great events internationally so we wanted to share with you.

Plan your conference agenda for 2015 from today!

plan your conferences for 2015


International Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas, USA – 6-9, Jan

DLD14, Munich, Germany – 18-20, Jan

World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland – 21-24, Jan

nacue Student Enterprise Conference, Liverpool, UK – 31, January- 1, February


Netexplo Forum, Paris, France – 4-5, February

The Lift Conference, Geneva, Switzerland – 4-6, February

8th Crunchies Awards, San Francisco, USA – 5, February

Finovate Europe, London, UK – 10-11, February

Tech Chill Baltics, Riga, Latvia – 10, February

Social Media Week, in different cities at the same time – 23-27, February

Polar Bear Pitching, Oulu, Finland – 25, February

Future Everything Festival, Manchester, UK – 26-28, February

Webrazzi E-Ticaret, İstanbul, Turkey – TBA

Startup Turkey, Antalya, Turkey – 26-28, February


Startup AddVenture, Cairo (Egypt), Dubai (UAE) – 2-4, March

Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, Spain – 2-5, March

Failcon Dutch Edition, Amsterdam, Netherlands – 4, March

SXSW Interactive, Austin, USA – 13-17, March

TED Conference, Vancouver, Canada – 16-20, March

ArabNet Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon – 17-19, March

CeBIT, Hanover, Germany – 16-20, March

The Guardian Changing Media Summit, London, UK – 18-19, March

Webrazzi Dijital, İstanbul, Turkey – TBA

EU Future Internet Assembly, Rome, Italy – 18, March

Fast Growth Forum, London, UK – 24-25, March


DEMO Traction, San Francisco, USA – 22, April

MIPCube, Cannes, France – 13-16, April

Webrazzi Mobil, İstanbul, Turkey – TBA

Big Data Week, in different cities at the same time – 20-26, April

Craft Conference, Budapest, Hungary- 22-24, April

The Next Web Conference, Amsterdam, Netherlands – 23-24, April

Startup Day, Stockholm, Sweden – 25, April


TechCrunch Disrupt New York, USA – TBA

LOGIN Tech Conference, Vilnius, Lithuania – 7-8, May

Heureka Conference, Berlin, Germany – 5, May

Engage Invest Exploit, Edinburgh, UK – 14, May

Webrazzi Startup, İstanbul, Turkey – TBA

Latitude59, Tallinn, Estonia – 14-15, May

Cannes Film Festival, France – 13-24, May

Thinking Digital, Gateshead, UK – 19-21, May

Pioneers Festival, Vienna, Austria – 28-29, May

SparkMe, Budva, Montenegro – 31, May-1, June


Startup Village, Moscow, Russia – 2-3, June

ArabNet Digital Summit, Dubai, UAE – TBA

midem, Cannes, France – 5-8, June

NOAH Conference, London, UK – 9-10, June

Kinnernet Europe, Avallon, France – 25-28, June

Cannes Lions, France – 21-27, June

WPP Stream Cannes, France – 23, June

International Economic Forum, St. Petersburg, Russia – 18-20, June


Tech Open Air Berlin, Germany – 15-17, July

YRS Festival of Code, UK – TBA


Game Developers Conference Europe, Cologne, Germany – 3-4, August

Burning Man, Black Rock Desert, USA– 31, August – 7, September


IFA Berlin, Germany – 4-9, September

CTIA Super Mobility Week, Las Vegas, USA – 9-11, September

dm exco, Cologne, Germany – 16-17, September

Webrazzi Summit, İstanbul, Turkey – TBA


White Bull Summit, Barcelona, Spain – TBA

Investor Day CEE, Kiev, Ukraine – 15-16, October

Wired 2015, London, UK – TBA

TechCrunch Disrupt Europe, London, UK – TBA


Web Summit, Dublin, Ireland – TBA

SLUSH, Helsinki, Finland – TBA

Silicon Valley Comes to the UK, London, UK – TBA

AppsWorld, London, UK – TBA

Startup Awards, Bratislava, Slovakia – TBA


Webrazzi Ödeme Sistemleri, İstanbul, Turkey – TBA

Startup AddVenture, Kiev, Ukraine – TBA

Stretch Conference, Budapest, Hungary – TBA

LeWeb, Paris, France – TBA

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