Can Facebook Workplace Version Be Useful In UAE?

Facebook At Work For UAE companies

Facebook recently announced that they have been piloting a version of its leading social network tailored for getting jobs done in workplaces instead of tuning into the lives of friends and the pilot is running in various countries now.

“Facebook at Work” smartphone applications appear in Apple’s online app store and the Google Play shop for Android-powered mobile devices, but can only be accessed by a few companies collaborating with the social network.

Facebook at Work has news feeds, chats, groups and other features that can be found on the widely-used social network, but sharing can only be done with people inside a particular company.

As, we believe that this can be an opportunity for the companies in UAE to replace and convert their intranet services into a more social friendly version to increase the  employee engagement. The service is also offering mobility, which is not available for most of the intranet services in the companies. There were several examples already in the market since the born of social media and several companies tried to adopt this in various countries before. The thing is, most of these integrations done very early, even, the companies were not able to define the real benefit of this services before launching them internally. However, most of the trends for the near future shows that, employee engagement is getting more important to increase the efficiency and quality of the outputs in various departments inside the organizations. The thing is, all of us are now more adapted to use social networks now and we want to use similar interactions in our work space, where we are spending most of our time. It is easier to communicate with people internally, to discuss about our own professional areas and share experience, especially in big organizations where thousands of people working. In UAE, where different people from various cultures are meeting in the same working environment, this will definitely help organizations to increase the engagement between employees and as a result will create efficiency while increasing the quality of the outputs. The only thing is, the scope needs to defined well and the organization needs to create specific customization based on the company profile, sector and culture. We need to remember, Facebook is currently an open platform where specific add ons and applets are being developed for the target audience so the same should apply for the Facebook At Work service for every company.

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